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Meet the New Owners

In April 2021 Jared and Eric Lendrum purchased Rick's Bike Shop! Since 1995 Rick's Bike Shop has been serving the cycling community in the Southern Adirondacks and Capital District. The Lendrum's plan to continue the legacy Rick built over the past 25 years by providing excellent customer service to those shopping for a new bike or looking to repair the one they own. 

As co-owners of North Country Subaru just down the road, they put the customer first by offering a no-pressure approach to sales and service. So if you're in the market for a new bike, some updated accessories, or if you haven't gotten yours out of the shed for a while stop by and say hello!

Meet Our Staff

From professional bike repair, informative clinics, group rides, and top cycling products at exceptional prices, we've got you covered.

Eric: Co-Owner

If you currently hold a Strava KOM on any mountain bike trail in the area Eric probably knows who you are and is actively hunting down your KOM. Eric will always hook you up with the best bike and an even better spot to go ride it. Through serving on several local boards and sponsoring several local events Eric is heavily invested in improving our community through good business and good biking. Eric's favorite bike is the 2022 Trek Top Fuel.

Jared: Co-Owner

Jared is our inventory and service engineer. When we have something in stock and no one else does that's probably Jared's doing. When our service lead times are faster than anyone else that's Jared's brain at work. Jared only likes riding/fixing/driving complicated things that go fast, like race cars, so his favorite bike is a Trek Rail Ebike.

Hyla: Sales

Next time you walk into Rick's you may notice that it is full of cool looking easy to find gear -you can thank Hyla for that. She brings a wealth of experience in bike sales, style, and spunk to the team. If you have any bikepacking or bike touring questions Hyla is your person. Her favorite bike is a Salsa Timberjack.

Keith: Service

Keith is like bike Jesus -he can bring any bike back from the dead and has the sweet flowing locks to match. He is also unstoppable, Keith is a Rick's original since the mid eighties and has probably fixed more bikes in our area than anyone else. His favorite bike is a Specialized Fatboy.

Dave: Service

Dave is our bike repair mastermind wizard. If Tony Stark or Gandalf worked on bikes they would be Dave. If you have something weird, old, or broken Dave can fix it. Another Rick's original mechanic -if rolls on two wheels or has pedals Dave can probably fix it. Dave's favorite bike is a mid-nineties prestige Stumpjumper. 

Kyle: Marketing/Events

If you ever go to a clinic at Rick's there is a good chance Kyle is leading it. Kyle also teaches in the outdoor education department at SUNY ADK so if you ever need any info on anything outdoor adventure related Kyle's your guy. He also teaches SUNY ACC new bike mechanic class which is held at the bike shop! His favorite bike is a an Ibis DV9.

Tyler: Marketing.

Tyler isn't a regular face at the shop anymore but if you see one of our fun videos Tyler's behind it. now up the road at North Country Subaru doing some new fun things for both shops. Tyler's favorite bike is the trek 520 or his klunker. 

Chloe: Shop Manager

Let's be honest -Chloe runs the show around here. Unless there is a squirrel at the bird feeder...

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.

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